[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 1. GOT7 Got the Power

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[Real GOT7 Season 3] episode 1. GOT7 Got the Power
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  1. Katherine M Carvajal
    Katherine M Carvajal
    преди ден

    4:47 yugyeom hahahha

  2. Sufi Alam
    Sufi Alam
    преди 10 дни

    What's with bambam's aegyo in the beginning🤣🤣🤣

  3. Telli Nur Kırdaş
    Telli Nur Kırdaş
    преди 16 дни

    Jay b is left handed, why does he use his right hand. he could score more with his left shhdsg

  4. lucky gaming
    lucky gaming
    преди 28 дни

    who is watching this in 2021 ????????? I think i am the only one hehhehh

  5. Cielo Eunice
    Cielo Eunice
    преди месец

    Feb. 26, 2021 real got7 marathon

  6. Crystal Joyce Salvador
    Crystal Joyce Salvador
    преди 2 месеца

    "Try to think that's my face." such a great advice jackson HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  7. Calida
    преди 2 месеца

    The sound that came from Mark's punch is no joke! LOL!

  8. ireneonly
    преди 2 месеца

    Jb got the weakest jab because he is left handed and he did ut with the right hand 😂😂😂😂

  9. L Son
    L Son
    преди 2 месеца


  10. Got7forever !
    Got7forever !
    преди 3 месеца

    Keep streaming Ahgases, we are a Phoenix. GOT7+IGOT7 will rise again #GOT7FOEVER

  11. Chichi
    преди 3 месеца

    why is this Bambam so soft? lol i'm not used to it.

  12. nohremisanaᄋ
    преди 3 месеца


  13. Marcus Lucian Viray
    Marcus Lucian Viray
    преди 3 месеца


  14. Lonely Whale
    Lonely Whale
    преди 4 месеца

    its pretty much the same order in strength even now, and this was 5 years ago

  15. c a r m e n ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    c a r m e n ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    преди 4 месеца

    looking back now ... the editing, sound effects, outfit styles, hairstyles and many other stuff are so different and me in 2020 looking at it is just 👁️👄👁️

  16. ahgachic
    преди 4 месеца

    back in season 1&2, jackson is taller than bambam but hey in this season they are like same height.

  17. Ái Trần
    Ái Trần
    преди 5 месеца

    BTS 😍🥰❤️💕💌🌹❤️😉🈶🈸㊙️🉐㊗️🈯️🈵🉐🈺㊙️

    1. Rnh RNH
      Rnh RNH
      преди 5 месеца


  18. P.Neisutkipmark
    преди 5 месеца

    Mark don't talk to much😊

  19. a sad habs fan
    a sad habs fan
    преди 6 месеца

    This is my kink lmao

  20. ilovetuanzy
    преди 6 месеца


  21. Cinecine lyrical video
    Cinecine lyrical video
    преди 6 месеца


  22. kisisina hasanah
    kisisina hasanah
    преди 6 месеца


  23. kisisina hasanah
    kisisina hasanah
    преди 6 месеца


  24. M J jams
    M J jams
    преди 7 месеца

    No one else but Bam bam himself to jinyoung - imagine that many bam bam are there 😂😂😂😂

  25. Elena
    преди 7 месеца


  26. siimply_stxr
    преди 7 месеца

    Lol thing is marks sick if he wasn't he could probably get 780

  27. S
    преди 7 месеца

    The way yugyeom punched...that was...HOT

  28. Phiba Syngkli
    Phiba Syngkli
    преди 7 месеца

    Will they eat the cake? Or just waste it like that?

  29. Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    преди 8 месеца

    Bamiie so cute!

  30. Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    преди 8 месеца

    LOVE you got7!!

  31. Ra Vy
    Ra Vy
    преди 8 месеца


  32. ArsBiasOT7 GOT7
    ArsBiasOT7 GOT7
    преди 8 месеца

    It's 2020 but I'm still watching😁💚

  33. Crystal
    преди 8 месеца

    i wish to be their cameragirl~~

  34. Raju Sarkar
    Raju Sarkar
    преди 8 месеца

    Yugyeom 🖤 jinyoung💚 Jackson 🖤bambam💙 jb 🧡 youngjae 💜 mark❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAMBAM.

  35. Xxoo Xoxo
    Xxoo Xoxo
    преди 8 месеца

    How is the camera girl feel? Jb jacksom bambam show there expensive tommy

  36. Gianitri Widyashanti
    Gianitri Widyashanti
    преди 9 месеца

    16:06 my heart goes uwu by Jinyoung loving his maknae xx

  37. skrrtskrrt
    преди 9 месеца

    Bamie's face was full of cake at the end indeed what a surprise°∆°

  38. xushii 徐溪
    xushii 徐溪
    преди 9 месеца

    bambam is still their baby 🥺

  39. Pachia Lor
    Pachia Lor
    преди 9 месеца

    This episode was hot. Idk why lol. 🤪😂

  40. Song Cow
    Song Cow
    преди 9 месеца

    Jinyoung on the first minute is so talkative and yet they skipped it. ))))):

  41. Song Cow
    Song Cow
    преди 9 месеца

    How come I did not stan this 7 precious guys on earth three years ago. I'm crying. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU

  42. Noof K
    Noof K
    преди 10 месеца

    I love when jackson says waigeray😂😂😂 waigeray chinchaa😂😂😂😂

  43. Den Trill
    Den Trill
    преди 10 месеца

    Guys, really.. can we talk about how strong Mark is.. he didn’t exhibit his strength only in this video.. he’s quiet but he excels in athletic activities and games... and I can see that he’s also quite smart... I think that’s his charm... he can be quiet in just one corner but suddenly stands out because of his martial art skills and quickness of mind. It’s very interesting and rare in the kpop world. And as a person, he’s really quite interesting.

  44. gwen
    преди 10 месеца

    I still can't get over with Youngjae's judging look at everyone in the intro and Youngjae teasing JB 12:40 pls I love him 😭❤️😂

  45. Spring Zhang
    Spring Zhang
    преди 10 месеца

    well guys IMAGINE mark without a cold

  46. Maknaes_ _mybaes
    Maknaes_ _mybaes
    преди 10 месеца

    Them: you can kill someone.... Me: he has killed millions already with those looks and that punch

  47. Y̶a̶m̶a̶K̶e̶n̶
    преди 10 месеца

    *GOT7 intro* Jinyoung: *a basic cutie* BamBam: *the nation's child* Jackson: *The fluent hottie who will step on you with his hotness and accent* JB: **doesnt know how tf to do it** Yugyeom: *trynna do a hairflip but shoot* Youngjae: **why tf am i here** Mark: *keep calm and bow, fuck this shit*

  48. Yugyeom stole my heartu ft. Mingyu
    Yugyeom stole my heartu ft. Mingyu
    преди 11 месеца

    omg Yugyeom is so strong damnn

  49. lingling is busy practicing
    lingling is busy practicing
    преди 11 месеца

    Okay, Happy Birthday Bambam!!!

    1. lingling is busy practicing
      lingling is busy practicing
      преди 11 месеца


  50. Marites Gecalao
    Marites Gecalao
    преди 11 месеца

    Don't worry guys.you all cute even w/o make.so don't be shy.we still loves you

  51. luvoriam
    преди 11 месеца

    "Jackson asked me to do this by touching my hips..."

  52. Meilina
    преди 11 месеца

    Jinyoung is look like wanna safe jackson in every condition😁, love them

  53. Afiqah Pisah
    Afiqah Pisah
    преди 11 месеца

    JB seriously he only write using lefthand. So sad. I thought he is totally lefthanded. Uwaaaaa.

  54. LoveGot7 Chayrez
    LoveGot7 Chayrez
    преди година

    😄😄😄😄 I love them, what song is 3:29 ? Please can help me Thanks 😉

  55. Megawati Sinaga
    Megawati Sinaga
    преди година


  56. sehri niazi
    sehri niazi
    преди година

    9:47 uwuuuuu youngjae

  57. sehri niazi
    sehri niazi
    преди година

    I love youngjae hat 😍😍

  58. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    Poor jb just can't accept that he had weakest punch Youngjae teasing,jb let me show u my jab,junior is like no no hon he is our son

  59. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    Mark the quiet l.a gangster

  60. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    Yg the most powerful maknae

  61. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    Jackson to.jb before punching:think that's my face😂

  62. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    Bambam.jb Jackson checking their abs after one sets😂

  63. yumna amjad
    yumna amjad
    преди година

    They r so entertaining

  64. LeeKnowIsGod
    преди година

    this was uploaded on my birthday almost 5 years ago

  65. Uci 28
    Uci 28
    преди година

    Best bambam brithday ~

  66. Toko Sukacita Malang
    Toko Sukacita Malang
    преди година

    Dang.. JYP. Please provide permanent english subtitle in all your original vid, not subtittle in youtube!!

  67. Brida Kahlo
    Brida Kahlo
    преди година

    The way I am attracted to Mark and Yugyeom in this video is incredible

  68. Ailabels;
    преди година


  69. Lovesick Poison
    Lovesick Poison
    преди година


  70. Strong Wings
    Strong Wings
    преди година

    1:08 Come and get it GOT7 5:08 Clap 11:56 I will call you hyung 13:45 YoungJae is scared 😆 14:24 HBD BamBam

  71. If I could fly HOME where the heart is•yolcu
    If I could fly HOME where the heart is•yolcu
    преди година

    11:53 How Bambam said JB‘s naked face is really nice what we get see in episode 2. 13:38 Icagree. There is barely a difference between JB with and without makeup. He is always handsome😍

  72. ihavetoomanythoughts
    преди година

    This is the video that started the Tuan Brothers should be feared huh damn maknaeeee and marknaeee its so hot🔥

  73. Wan Irdina Batrisyia
    Wan Irdina Batrisyia
    преди година

    My bias is so strong! Yugyeomahhh

  74. 리을우
    преди година


    1. 리을우
      преди година


  75. syusyu_ uwu
    syusyu_ uwu
    преди година

    Bambam’s tRUsT i’M JYP imNiDa sksksk

  76. Angon Katwang
    Angon Katwang
    преди година

    In realgot7 I got to see how Bambam kept on evolving. I can't really tell what it is but I can see him changing. He looks matured and more good looking with time.

  77. HinnaChimChim
    преди година

    I’ve just recently become a new got7 fan and I’m binge watching all these episodes and the different between this bambam and previous bambam🥺

  78. riri sam
    riri sam
    преди година

    Aww my baby bambam 😍😍😍

  79. ayl rin ratubua
    ayl rin ratubua
    преди година

    Bambam was this cuteee

  80. Edona Jane Morauda
    Edona Jane Morauda
    преди година

    I love bambam's accent when he's speaking😂

  81. Anthonevel XX
    Anthonevel XX
    преди година

    Bambam you used to be so damn cute what the fuck happened hahaha

  82. Akai Richiumu
    Akai Richiumu
    преди година

    "American Gangster" I'm dead 😂😂😂

  83. rain
    преди година

    love the new intros hahahahaa

  84. Aghase Fighting Maha
    Aghase Fighting Maha
    преди година

    13:50 14:15 mom(jinyoung) is doing best to protect children from anger of dad(jb)

  85. Aghase Fighting Maha
    Aghase Fighting Maha
    преди година

    9:18 imagine many bambams are there..score decreased..if he imagined yugeoms then m sure score will increase madly

  86. Rosa Checo
    Rosa Checo
    преди година

    I love when I find english or spanish subtitles in the videos 💚🐥🇩🇴

  87. btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    преди година

    I have never got a flae on my bday as we don't celebrate it but omg I would never do that to the cake put my face in it but its got7 what do u expect

    1. Aghase Fighting Maha
      Aghase Fighting Maha
      преди година


  88. btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    преди година

    I love how got7 r so comfortable with showing their abs but Bts aren't

  89. btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    преди година

    "Then all our fans will leave us" that's never gonna happen whether u have make up on or not ur perfect and that's y I Stan got7

    преди година

    “try to thing that’s my face”- jackson to jb 🤣

  91. meenia love
    meenia love
    преди година

    Jb's Chin came out. LOL.

  92. krouen sokna
    krouen sokna
    преди година


  93. Melodine G7
    Melodine G7
    преди година

    Yugyeom and GOT6 @1:09 😂

  94. Nouf N
    Nouf N
    преди година


  95. Hồ Ngọc Khánh
    Hồ Ngọc Khánh
    преди година

    Jackson and Youngjae just like " We only live once " :))

  96. Jaquie Ortega
    Jaquie Ortega
    преди година

    I love How they smashed BamBams face in the Cake “American” style

  97. 보라색달
    преди година

    I miss this Era and JYP old building 😭

  98. 애옹애옹
    преди година

    뱀이 커엽다... 😭

  99. Jamn Dee
    Jamn Dee
    преди година

    Cute cute cute baby bambam

  100. Kiwonda Hayward
    Kiwonda Hayward
    преди година

    Only Mark can make having a cold look fine He looks so adorable I just want to fix him some soup